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Boldly Writing 2003 cover
Boldly Writing

The first published title from FTL Publications was Boldly Writing by Joan Marie Verba (1996)

original Autumn World cover
Autumn World

Reprinted Autumn World in 2002

updated Boldly writing cover
Boldly Writing, second edition

The second edition of Boldly Writing was published in 2003

Cat's Paw cover
Cat's Paw

Reprinted Cat's Paw in 2007

Countdown to Action cover
Countdown to Action

and Action Alert published in 2008

(Out of print)

Action Alert cover
Deadly Danger cover
Deadly Danger published 2009

(Out of print)

Situation Critical cover
Situation: Critical published 2010

(Out of print)

Extreme Hazard cover
Extreme Hazard published in 2011

Danger Zone published in 2012

(Out of print)

Danger Zone cover
Bradamant's Quest cover
Bradamant's Quest published 2011


Revenge Denied cover
Revenge, Denied published 2011


Sword of Queens cover
Sword of Queens published 2012


Game of Royals cover
The Fathergod Experiment/Game of Royals reprinted 2012


Arctic Adventure cover
Arctic Adventure published in 2012

(Out of print)

Red Address Book cover
Gold Address book cover
Universal Food Diary cover
My Food Diary cover
Personal Income and Expense Journal cover
How to Say NO Coloring book cover
How to Say GO AWAY Coloring book cover
How to Say DAMMIT Coloring book cover
How to Say NONSENSE Coloring book cover
How to Say AWFUL Coloring book cover

Defying the Ghosts cover
Defying the Ghosts published 2020


Twelve cover
Twelve released 2022


Summoned by Dragons cover
Summoned by Dragons published 2023


Secrets of the Sorcerers cover
Secrets of the Sorcerers published 2023



Society of Guenevere cover
The Society of Guenevere published 2024


Clash of the Sorcerers cover
Clash of the Sorcerers published 2024


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